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SMS Marketing Software

Why You Use SMS Marketing Software

  • You Can send up to 10,000 SMS daily.
  • You Can Send Reminders to Your Exiting Clients.
  • Promote Your Business Without your Personal Attentions.
  • Reduce your Advertisement Budget & Time.
  • Very Very Easy, Even a 14 year child can use it.
  • SMS Marketing is the Only form of Marketing with 95% Read Rate.
  • It is cheaper than News Papers, TV, Emails and all other sources of marketing.
  • Physical Delivery within 24hour & online Delivery within 1 hour –
    Easier Than Email Marketing.

SMS Marketing Software Is Best For Following Sort of Works

  • Restaurants
  • Event Promoters
  • Newspapers
  • Cable Networks
  • Colleges
  • NGO’s
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Hotels
  • Concert Promoters
  • Magazines
  • Satellite Television
  • Universities
  • Welfare Organizations
  • Insurance Dealers
  • Cafes
  • Product Promoters
  • Fm Radio
  • Schools
  • Political Parties
  • Estate Agents

How It Works

Very Simple, Even a child can use it :

  1. Install SMS Marketing Software with Single Click
  2. Connect Ur Mobile Phone with Any Computer with Cable
  3. Take a SMS Package from Ur Mobile Company
  4. Insert Mobile Numbers ( Your Own Number )
  5. Compose SMS & Send to All Numbers

Total Cost for this software with License Key Only Rs.999/-

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